5 Lovely, Shaded Walks You Can Take in Philly

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Staying inside isn’t the only option to enjoy the dog days of summer.

I’ve always liked to walk. Growing up, it was part of our family’s nighttime routine. Around 7 p.m. every day, my mom, my sister, and I would grab the leash and take the dog out for a couple turns around the block. The summers were the best. Strolling along in Michigan’s 75-degree air, just warm enough to comfortably bathe you in heat; the sun glinting through the leaves of the impossibly tall yet gentle trees that ringed our neighborhood; Porsche, our black lab, panting with glee to be outside and breathing it all in.

Unfortunately, dear reader, this is not what Philly summers are like. Sure, you might take your pet to the dog park for a short evening jaunt, but the low-hanging heat likely has you running back to your air-conditioned rowhome STAT. It’s a shame, really, that when it’s sunny and light out, we can’t enjoy it because the humidity turns us into human versions of my beloved out-of-breath dog, albeit much less happy.

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