Alpaca Yoga

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We are so happy so many of you will be attending our APRIL 20th ALPACA YOGA EVENT , so we decided to add one on JUNE 1st as well!!!! TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR JUNE FIRST HERE!!!!

Yoga Hive Philly is at it again …

We can’t even contain our own excitement. ALPACAS! We bring to you baby alpaca yoga on June 1st! This has never been done in Philly and we want everyone to have the chance to experience how amazing these animals really are!

Animals can be great stress relievers. The practice of using domesticated creatures to comfort people has gained mainstream acceptance in recent years. This event allows the Alpacas the chance to socialize with people, allowing them to feel love and affection with mental stimulation.

Alpacas are perfect for this event because they are in tune with the zen-like mood that comes along with a yoga class.

They will socialize with everyone on the mats, snuggle up against you, and enjoy watching you try to balance!

After class you will have about 15 minutes to take some great selfies with the alpaca babies. A big portion of the proceeds will be donated to the farm to help better care for these beautiful, peaceful creatures.

This is one you do not want to miss and tickets are limited, so reserve your spot today!

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