Chicken Butchering & Bone Broth Workshop with Primal Supply

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Registration Required. Learn how to butcher a whole chicken and make a healthy bone broth at home. Primal Supply Meats co-founder Cecilie May will discuss things to look for when buying a whole chicken and demonstrate how to break it down and use all of the parts. You’ll learn how use the bones to make a nutritious bone broth and we’ll prepare and enjoy a Tom Kha (coconut chicken soup) together!

As we come into cooler weather many of us tend to incorporate more meat and soups into our diet. Butchering your own chicken and making your own broths are economical techniques to add to your home kitchen repertoire. Cecile will discuss making traditional long cooked stove top bone broth, as well as pressure cooker and instant pot methods for a gelatinous, full of healthful collagen!

Greensgrow Chef Drew will prepare Tom Kha (coconut chicken soup) utilizing an assortment of seasonal ingredients and discuss the healing properties of each of the ingredients including coconut, ginger, chili pepper and lemon grass for us to enjoy together. You’ll learn to discuss ways to store and utilize bone broth and get a butchering handout and recipes to take home.

Cecilie May is co-founder of Primal Supply Meats, a woman owned whole animal Butchery based in Philadelphia and today manages their production facility.

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