Culinary Fight Club – PHILADELPHIA: The Blended Burger Battl

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We’re back for the 4th year with Culinary Fight Club Blended Burger Battle!

There are many theories on the origin of Burgers from claims that the Romans dish Isicia Omentata was the first burger which is ground- (minced-) meat dish containing pine nuts, pepper, and flavorings of wine and garum in the 1st Century AD to one Fletcher Davis of Athens, Texas claiming to have invented the hamburger.

Whoever started this brilliant combination of meat to bun to toppings dish, we’re pretty stoked to get on the road in 2019 to find the best Blended Burger in the country Culinary Fight Club Style! The Blended Burger is to Food as Baseball is to Sports. This American Classic is now taken on a healthier tastier better for you format and Culinary Fight Club is getting ready to take a bite out of this American Classic Dish.

Culinary Fight Club is in search of the Perfect Blended Patty because we can’t get enough of local chefs using local resources to create the better burger. We have a few twists this year, but you can be sure that we are seeking the 25% Mushroom Blend in that patty and put together with the perfect accouterments to create the perfect bite for our Judges and Taster’s votes!

Join us on 8/13 in PHILADELPHIA for a taste of the Better Burger Philly Style!

Tickets Here:

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