How is content selected for my newsletter?

Our team handpicks the content included in your newsletter based on your selected interests. We’ll also include some other content that we think you might like.

In addition, if you subscribe to a specific business, you’ll always get their updates included in your newsletter.

What if I don't pick any local interest preferences?

We’ll include some general local updates in your newsletter, but you’ll likely miss out on some cool things going on.

Can I select to get updates from only a specific business?

Yes – we’ll only include additional local updates when you update your preferences.

Whats the difference between daily vs weekly vs monthly updates?

Daily email: you will never get FOMO and be up to date on the latest happenings.

Weekly: You’ll be in know about the major things going on each week.

Monthly: You’ll get highlights for the month.

What if I subscribe only to a specific business?

You’ll only get updates from that business when they send them out.

How do I share a new update?

All registered businesses and bloggers have an log in where they can share their posts.

How does my update get emailed out?

Once a post is shared, it gets posted to our website and scheduled to be sent out within 24 hours.

Can I customize the email template used to email my post?

No, however we specialized designed templates which ensure high engagement.

When do the newsletter get sent?

We send out the newsletters daily, weekly and monthly (based on our subscribers preferences). Our newsletter get sent out throughout the day based on our analytics that help us deliver the best results.

Who receives the post that gets shared?

All your subscribers will receive your latest update. In addition, we include your post to other local subscribers who are interested in similar interests that it may be related to.

How do I know how many people see my post?

You’re able to see all the metrics when you log into your portal (real-time!)

Can I schedule my post?

You’re able to add a date to any of your posts. Our team will then schedule and slot the post to be included in our newsletter based on the date(s). If there is no specific date, it will likely be shared within 24-48 hours in our newsletters.

Do my subscribers automatically get subscribed to StayLocal newsletters?

No. Our goal is to make sure your subscribers only get content they wish to receive. Only when your subscribers opt-in to receive additional StayLocal posts, we include additional posts we think they might like.

Can I upload an existing subscriber list?

Yes – you can either upload the list via your portal or email with the list. We perform a QA check on ALL email addresses (e.g. bounces) before adding them to your account to help ensure high deliverability. This same process happens when you collect emails through your StayLocal WiFi router.

Will my subscriber list ever lose subscribers?

Yes – this can happen and is the natural part of newsletter campaigns. This can happen because either the person doesn’t wish to receive updates anymore,

Do posts automatically get shared to the StayLocal website?

Yes – instantly for everyone to find!

Can I control what other posts get included in the newsletters?

No, but we personalize each subscribers newsletter to ensure the best engagement.

Why do I need the guest WiFi Router?

Growing your subscriber list is important to help build your following and help us reach other locals that may like your updates you share. Plus they are very effective in helping grow subscriber lists even if you’re not a location where people typically connect to WiFi.

How much does the WiFi router cost?

It’s free!

What if I already have a WiFi router?

In some cases you can use your existing wifi router if you prefer. We’ll simply provide you with a network switch which you can plug your wifi router into and you’ll be all set up (in literally seconds).

Do I need internet?

Yes. Our guest wifi router plugs right into your existing router/modem creating a separate guest wifi signal.

How does the WiFi log in process work?

Our router creates a custom (for your business) wifi log in page. Similar to a hotel or Starbucks experience. After your customers connect, we direct them to your custom StayLocal page which also displays your latest posts.

Note: Your password will be generated automatically and sent to your email address.

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