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1. Do I need a WiFi Router?

Yes, for all AtmosFi Location you need an AtmosFi compatible router. The router provides a means for you to collect customer e-mails and track conversions from the Local Network. AtmosFi provides a router part of it’s starter fee which includes installation. However, if you have a router that is AtmosFi compatible you can use your own router.

2. Do I need the marketing plan to collect my customer e-mails?

Yes, you will collect customer e-mails anytime they connect to your AtmosFi regardless of your selected plan. When you’re ready to upgrade to the marketing plan, you’ll have a nice inventory of your favorite customers.

3. What if I don't have internet at my location?

Unfortunately, you need internet access in order to use an AtmosFi router. In this case, you would need to sign up for Sponsor Account.

4. What types of businesses are right for AtmosFi?

AtmosFi is perfect for any business looking to advertise to the local audience. We work with all kinds of locations ranging from cafes, gyms, restaurants, salons, barbers, dentists, retail shops, lounges, bars, local organizations, service companies, local publications, and everything in-between.

5. What things can I post to the Local Network?

Anything you want your community to know about. It can be events, specials, promotions, blog posts, or just general information. You can post what you want, when you want by logging into your account.

6. How do I know my post is getting exposure?

You collect real-time metrics on all your posts which can be viewed by logging into your account. Metrics includes, views, clicks and shares which are collected in real-time.

7. Will competitors posts be shared on my AtmosFi?

No, AtmosFi’s algorithm restricts businesses who are competitors from advertising on each others AtmosFi. This is determined based on the business type selected during registration.

8. Will the Free plan always be Free?

Yes, there will always remain a free plan option which includes access to post on the Local Network. . You can always upgrade  your plan to increase number of views on any post can receive.

9. What is a sponsor account?

Sponsor accounts are for businesses who do not have a store front and can’t install an AtmosFi router. These accounts are charged access to post to the Local Network, and do not have the capability to capture e-mails.

Additional Questions? E-mail contact@www.staylocal.co with your question. We’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.



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