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Building more connected local communities


What started out as a business focused on helping local businesses increasing the value of their WiFi has transformed into something much more. AtmosFi officially launched in November 2017, launching the first-ever local ‘ad’ network between local businesses in Philadelphia. From that point forward, we’ve focused on building new channels and methods for businesses to reach and engage their local audience.

[vsc-team-member-new name=”Ryan J Oliveira” position=”Co-Founder” photo=”4491″ email=”ryan@atmosfi.com” facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/ryanollie” linked_in=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanoliveira/” description=”Ryan leads atmosfi development and growth. After talking with hundreds of local businesses and organizations he’s helping Atmosfi increase its value for all our communities. One of this favorite things to do is explore the city and find the secret local gems.” google_plus=”https://www.ryanjoliveira.com/”]
[vsc-team-member-new name=”Abhinav Sharma” position=”Co-founder” photo=”4099″ email=”abhinav@atmosfi.com” facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/s.abhinav” linked_in=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhinav307/” description=”Abhinav leads our technical development efforts, making sure AtmosFi is the best application on the market. Abhinav loves trying out mocha coffees at all the great cafes in the community.”]
[vsc-team-member-new name=”Niraj Patel” position=”Strategic Advisor” photo=”4100″ linked_in=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/nirajpateltechleader/” description=”Niraj helps navigate the atmosFi team through it’s growth stages and drive it’s mission. Niraj loves finding out the latest and greatest things happening in the community.”]
[vsc-team-member-new name=”Bobby Gonnella” position=”Content Lead ” photo=”5812″ email=”bobby@demotrt.com” description=”Bobby leads content curation helping find all the awesome things going on in local communities. “]
[vsc-team-member-new name=”Son Trinh” position=”UX Lead” photo=”5813″ email=”son@demotrt.com” description=”Son supports our application user experience helping make our application easy to use for everyone.”]
[vsc-team-member-new name=”Thang Le” position=”QA Lead” photo=”5814″ description=”Thang supports our development team helping make sure our latest updates are meeting our quality standards.” email=”thang@demotrt.com”]
[vsc-team-member-new name=” Dhak Cheralathan” position=”Reporting Lead ” photo=”5826″ email=”dhak@demotrt.com” description=”Dhak leads the analytics and reporting function helping StayLocal.co and it’s businesses reach their goals. “]


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