Need a Designated Space to Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety? Center City’s Got One

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The Stress Less Space offers a room where you can meditate, read, nap, or do whatever else you want to calm yourself down.
I was having a bad day. A Sisyphean day, if you will, where you spend all day rolling the rock up to the top of the mountain only to have it crash back down and shatter your leg in the process. I was in literal pain (thanks, never-ending back injury), and taking a Lyft downtown to check out the new Stress Less Space didn’t seem like a good use of my time, considering sitting and driving both make me writhe in agony.

But also, if there’s one thing I need to do, it’s stress less.
And stress management coach Carlee Myers’ new space intrigued me. Have you ever encountered a place whose only purpose is to reduce your anxiety? Few of us have dedicated square footage for that — and that’s a huge part of our burnout problem. We have rooms for eating, sleeping, uh, relieving ourselves but not calming down. A living room is probably the closest we get to a designated area for relaxation. But it’s generally considered a place for groups to decompress, where a family or roommates can chat, snack, or binge watch Gilmore Girls together. Which is great, but it’s not just for YOU.

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