A Millennial-Friendly Facial Spot Is Opening in Rittenhouse

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Heyday is breaking the spa mold, one less expensive facial at a time.

When you picture a spa, what do you think of? An all-day excursion with private rooms? A masseuse who says nothing but “hello” before digging into your tense shoulder blades? Robes and lemon water and fuzzy slippers?

To some, this may sound like an ideal getaway — but two Penn graduates don’t think this extravagant vibe is actually what most millennials want out of a skincare service. Those ages 24 to 44, say Michael Pollak and Adam Ross, instead tend to crave a quick, inexpensive experience with more education and less awkward silence. “Facials have always lived in the spa, where there are all kinds of connotations,” Pollak says. “It’s only for women. It’s a high price point. It’s going to take three hours of your day. There was an opportunity for us to change all that.”

Read more here: https://www.phillymag.com/be-well-philly/2019/10/15/heyday-philadelphia/

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