80’s Karaoke Night at The Bourse

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Bring on the 80’s! Join us for an all out 80’s themed Karaoke Night on Thursday, May 23rd.

Serenade the audience with your favorite ballad of the decade or lip sync to a hard rock classic. Make sure you stop by the 80’s clothing rack before hitting the stage to throw on some slick outfits to really wow the crowd.

For those looking for some liquid courage, starting at 5pm, select vendors will be serving up “80s theme” food and happy hour drink specials, including:

• “Punky Brewster” courtesy of Taps Fill Station — $10.50 beer and a shot
• “Rock the Bas-Ka-Bob” courtesy of LALO — $5 Salabatchhh cocktails, $5 San Miguel, $1 off the Bas-Ka-Bob
• “Whiskey Business” courtesy of Bluebird Distilling — $7 cocktail (4 pm – 6 pm)

After your 80’s karaoke debut, you can snag a photo with a life-sized Tom Selleck from Magnum PI for the ‘gram. Prizes for best performance include free tickets to our “Escape the 80’s” escape room, 80’s themed pins, and 80’s apparel.

Throw on those leg warmers and jean jackets and come on over!

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