Plant Swap and Game

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Are you a lover of plants, board games, craft beer or all of the above? Thirsty Dice will by hosting its first Plant Swap and Game to meet, trade plants, and game! Join our host, Christine, for a great event to meet plant enthusiasts and make friends over a game and a drink. Enjoy plant themed games such as Topiary and Herbaceous.

Below are some valuable FAQs!

What is a plant swap?
A plant swap is an event where plant enthusiasts bring plants, plant cuttings, seeds, etc. to trade with others. Talk plants, tips for growing, etc. Expand your knowledge and meet new people!

Do I have to make a swap if approached?
No! You’re free to trade or not trade as you see fit!

How are board games involved?
Many plant swaps have some down time…and if you’ve come alone it can be a little anxiety inducing! We’ve all been there. At our Plant Swap and Game we will add in the fun of games to get to know each other, trade, and pass the time!

What should I bring?
Plants! Plants that are rooted, cuttings with viable roots, seeds that aren’t expired, etc.

What SHOULDN’T I bring?
Nothing illegal! PLEASE CHECK YOUR PLANTS. Do not bring any plants that may be diseased or infested. If you aren’t sure, don’t bring it!

This first event will be FREE to enter! We’d love for you to join us and we’d love to gauge interest for future events!

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