This Makeup-Free Event Wants Philly Women to Live More Co…

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Naked Networking, a wellness social meant to empower women, will take place August 14th on the Moshulu.

We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking. Depending on where we are — work, happy hour, the gym, family get-togethers — we tend to speak and behave in slightly different ways. While these so-called functional masks help us navigate a variety of environments, they often don’t allow other people to know our true selves. As a kind of defense mechanism, we wear masks out of fear of being judged and not accepted for who we really are. With so many masks, it can be tough to form genuine relationships with ourselves and others.

To help women find the confidence needed to take off their masks, Philly’s newest women-only social event hopes attendees will make real, vulnerable connections with each other. The first step of Naked Networking: remove your makeup. A symbolic gesture, taking off the literal mask women typically wear encourages everyone to step outside their comfort zones together — transforming what could be an uncomfortable situation into a communal, potentially freeing space.

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